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A Man Can Be A Drunk Sometimes, But A Drunk Can't Be A Man

Tim Wells

Published Feb 2001

Tim Wells was grown in the Hackney heartland of Stoke Newington and Stamford Hill. After an early stint as the boy king of ranting poets, he returned to poetry in his late twenties as a regular performer at London's bustling weekly venue nights. His inimitable magazine, Rising, 'the Reader's Wives of Poetry', according to John Cooper Clarke , has been publishing poets from home and abroad for several years now. His East meets West obsessions, tanks and submarines, monkeys, westerns and country music, Hemingway, Li Po and oriental women, seep into his writing, and his mixture of downbeat, no-nonsense style, esoteric iconography, and a wide range of reading matter, results in a brand of poetry which has much in common with contemporary US West Coast writers such as Gerald Locklin and Fred Voss. Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy your short stay in the world of Mister Tim Wells.


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